Side event Sustainable Biofuels | European Industry & Energy Summit (EIES)

10 Dec 2019

Together with FME and Industrielinqs, TNO is organising the European Industry & Energy Summit (EIES) 2019 at the Kromhouthal, Amsterdam, on 10 and 11 December. We would like to invite you to the side event Sustainable Biofuels essential in the energy transition on 10 December, 13.45-17.15.

Joint innovation
The event aims to inform, inspire, connect and activate the participants. Biomass is the dominant short-medium term option to provide the renewable molecules under the pre-condition that stringent sustainability criteria are met. Competition with food and feed production should be avoided and in transport, engine emissions should be minimised. This can be accomplished, but further R&D and innovation is needed. For this purpose, an Innovation Centre Sustainable Biofuels is being established in close collaboration between knowledge institutes and industry. In this side event, Jaap Kiel and Stephan Janbroers of TNO alongside partners and participants, will discuss where we stand and launch the IC Sustainable Biofuels initiative.

Visit TNO at the exhibition there we are represented with a number of breakthrough innovations, for example LightYear One the first solar-powered passenger car with solar cells in bodywork a nice collaboration between TNO and Light Year, an example of the first Dutch Electrolyser for producing sustainable hydrogen.

Participation by TNO
During a plenary session, André Faaij, Director of Science at TNO Energy Transition will give a key-note on the major contribution that industry can make to the energy transition and raw material transition through innovation.

TNO and partners side events and break out sessions
Together with partners TNO is organizing several side events and break-out sessions: New, Sustainable Biofuels, Chemical Recycling of Plastics, Social Innovation Industry to accelerate the energy transition, Hydrogen indispensable in the energy transition, Large chances of winning for making industrial heat more sustainable and side event VoltaChem.

About the European Industry & Energy Summit (EIES)
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