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TNO innovates in developing and emerging countries. With technical know-how we develop and launch new products and services with a sustainable business model in the field of health, food, construction materials, circular economy and ICT. Our system innovations increase the perspective of vulnerable groups and create business propositions for local and European companies in underserved consumer markets. We frame this impact on the SDG’s.

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global challenges

The tremendous increase of the world population to 9 billion in 2040 in combination with a growing level of wealth and consumption will cause scarcity of natural resources. We do need 70% more food and we need more energy and biomass to produce all the required goods. The two billion people living below poverty level will be affected first by scarcities. Infrastructure is now stretched beyond limits and innovation is needed to facilitate sustainable development.

Inclusive innovation

With the innovative power of 3,200 experts TNO develops new products and services matching the needs of low-income groups. With technical know-how we develop new products and services with a sustainable business model in the field of health, food, construction materials, circular economy and ICT. In close collaboration with private and public partners, we launch these products in the local market and realize integrated system innovations. TNO offers technical assistance, transition management of value chains and business modelling.


We work with an extensive network of partners from private sector, NGO’s, governments and social impact investors in Europe, (Eastern) Africa and Asia. If you are interested to join forces; please contact us!

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Reaching impact on SDG’s

Our innovations boost local entrepreneurship, employability and access to affordable basic services for most vulnerable people. It utilizes the unspent local production capacities, increases the perspective of local people and creates business propositions for local and European companies in underserved consumer markets.

In each project we frame our impact on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These global goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. We map outputs, outcomes and where possible the realized or envisioned impact. 

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Impact of TNO Innovation for Development in 2020

18 January 2021
As 2020 has ended, we look back at an unprecedented year. A year that has been synonymous with difficulties for many people in the world, especially for the most vulnerable. Yet, it was also a year marked... Read more

Planning tools to boost inclusive deployment of renewable energy

30 November 2020
Energy demand in developing countries is growing rapidly. At the same time ambitious climate action is urgently required to reach the Paris Agreement goals. The tools TNO and the NewClimate institute... Read more

Collaborative business models facilitate scaling at low-income groups

12 November 2020
Inclusive collaborative business models are a solution to overcome obstacles for scaling innovations targeting low-income groups in developing countries. In these new types of business models, social... Read more

Evidence-based interventions to strengthen mental health of children

03 November 2020
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, access to mental health services in developing countries is more important than ever. Children are overlooked even though investing in child development is an investment... Read more

Positive results of market study Flying Food in Rwanda

27 October 2020
This study presents a business opportunity for crickets for human consumption in Rwanda. Consumers show a demand and willingness to include crickets in their diet, because crickets are tasty and nutritious.... Read more

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