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Today, our society is all about data. We all create more and more data, but how does it make us wiser? And now that data is becoming increasingly valuable both economically and politically and yet, at the same time, can be very private, the question is: how do we keep data secure?

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TNO has an intensive focus on these data issues and is at the forefront when it comes to providing solutions. You can make your essential contribution to this, in our ICT departments Data Science and Cyber Security. Read more or take a quick look at our vacancies.

Data science

Thanks to the explosive increase in smartphones, sensors, smart meters and wearables, data nowadays comes from everywhere, both people and machines. Sharing and analysing this data is our key concern. Our mission is to enable sharing data and giving insight and meaning to data in a comprehensible, transparent and reliable manner. In this way, companies and public authorities can make better decisions and processes can be set up more efficiently and effectively.

Our assignments take place in very diverse fields such as Defence, Safety and Security, Public Services, Industry, Mobility and Logistics, Health, Oil & Gas and Telecom.

Comprehensible and transparent data analysis

Incorrect data analyses can lead to erroneous decisions that can have major consequences. Like the first fatal accident with a self-driving Tesla. We develop knowledge in the form of proof-of-concepts or tools that offer more insight into the way in which data analyses are carried out. A good example is the Darkweb Monitor, which analyses trends in marketplaces for illicit arms and drug trafficking.

Responsible data use

A lot of data is privacy sensitive or company confidential. We develop solutions that deal with data in a responsible way. Think of data analysis with forms of encryption or methods to detect and remove bias in data (models). Within the health world we work on data analyses between parties in chain, without violating data privacy or sharing sensitive data.

Controlled data sharing

To improve collaboration between organisations, data sharing is essential. An important challenge here is making agreements about the meaning of data and designing architectures to share data in a controlled way. We focus on developing solutions to bring data together, to ensure that people understand data and to enable reasoning about data. This could be the application of blockchain technology or the specification of open standards.

Cyber security

Our dependence on data infrastructures and the devices connected to them is growing all the time. But our digital resilience is lagging behind: the number of threats and vulnerabilities is increasing. According to Cyber Security Image Netherlands 4 (CSBN4), the greatest threat comes from states and criminals. States focus primarily on the theft of confidential or competitively sensitive information and prepare for cyber conflicts. Criminals are involved in digital fraud and information theft.

In our Cyber Security & Robustness department, you can contribute to increasing digital resilience. Because we come up with 'game changers' that provide prevention, detection and recovery. With our innovative concepts for cyber security and resilience we tackle the real cyber challenges and make our society and economy more resilient, secure and successful.

At TNO you will separate facts from fiction, with the aim of protecting government, business and citizens and preparing them for a secure online world. Because we know what others do not know. This knowledge enables us to conduct important research - the risks are high, but the returns can be just as great. For example, shutting down a complete criminal network.

Would you like to know more about the many fields of activity of our ICT unit? Then take a look at Information & Communication Technology.

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Recent vacancies

Internship | Attacks against AI/ML-based systems in communication networks

  • Den Haag
  • university (wo)
  • Fulltime – 40
  • Internship and graduation project

AI/ML-based systems are considered to be powerful tools in the network security, management and orchestration. But what if they become a target of an attack themselves?

Internship | Innoveren in de snelgroeiende ICT-infrastructuur

  • Den Haag
  • university (wo)
  • Fulltime – 40
  • Internship and graduation project

Cyber Security & Robustness

The Cyber Security and Robustness (CSR) department consists of approximately 50 enthusiastic, mostly academic professionals with in-depth knowledge on (technical) cyber security and quantitative models... Read more

Data Science

TNO’s Data Science department has expertise on how to share and analyse structured and unstructured data. In a world where people and machines are becoming increasingly interconnected, data – both complex... Read more
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