“It's a good match when expectations are aligned”

Anna Herder recruits for the unit Energy Transition, the staff organisation, and the TNO Trainee Programme. Before she was a recruiter, she was a trainee herself at TNO. During the trainee programme she learned a lot about TNO and about herself and that guided her in her next steps. And that’s precisely what she wishes for everyone she recruits.

“When I completed my bachelor’s degree in organisational psychology and my master’s degree in business administration I was accepted to the TNO Trainee Programme. During the two years, I was introduced to three roles: junior scientist, policy advisor and consultant. And next to that, the programme offered me a lot of opportunities for my personal as well as professional development. When I finished the programme I noticed I had not found my passion in one of the three roles. However, I did find my passion in the personal development activities and I started longing to do more with my background in Organisational psychology. In particular, I was interested in topics related to personal development, person-job fit and performance of employees. I realised that Human Resources suited me much better than the research areas that I had done before. Luckily TNO supported me in this decision.”

Take responsibility for your own development and career path

“If you ask me, this is exactly why TNO is such an amazing employer. TNO offers employees plenty of opportunities for professional as well as personal development. This includes things like coaching, technical training programmes, and peer reviews. Under one condition: It is up to the employees to take responsibility for their own development and career path.”

Incredible drive

I’m now a recruiter for the Energy Transition Unit, the staff organisation and the TNO Trainee Programme. This mix helps me to see TNO in all of its breadth. From young go-getters to more experienced researchers. From staff in support functions to the students who begin the selection process for the Trainee Programme. I see a variety of people but all of them have the same drive to find concrete solutions to real social issues.

Meeting expectations

“In every introductory interview, I tell the candidate that they have the responsibility to tell us what they are looking for, and we will share that from our side too. Together we can explore whether a career at TNO is the right next step for both of us.

In collaboration with the hiring manager, I try to get insight into the core of someone’s expertise, competencies, motivation and ambition. From our side, we share how we see the role, the responsibilities and the team. And based on that, what we are looking for in the future employee. I find it important that our expectations are communicated clearly towards candidates because that is the only way candidates can decide for themselves whether their expectations match with ours. During this process in the interview, often a moment arises when a person offers real openness: revealing who they are and what they want. I really like these moments, because then we can truly decide whether there is a match between the candidate and the job.”

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