The TNO Phd Community aims to create exciting networking events and opportunities, so you can develop yourself and create an impact with your PhD research.

Upcoming events

11 May 2021: Diversity and inclusion

By Dr Helma van den Berg, senior research psychologist and Diversity and Inclusion officer at TNO

Helma will introduce us to the goals for diversity and inclusion at TNO from the perspective of the Diversity Steering Committee. We'll also hear about a initiatives that TNO has implemented to address these themes, such as the Female Leadership Program. After, we'll open the floor up to the TNO PhD Community. We encourage you to share your experiences of inclusion and diversity. What impacts have you seen relating to diversity or inclusion that you have appreciated? What do you feel is missing with regards to these themes? With our unique positions between TNO and universities, our insights are novel and worth sharing!

Autumn 2021: TNO PhD Community conference

More information coming soon.

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Past events

Awareness Session: Me and the System - A pathway to Harmony

Tuesday 13 April 2021, 16:00 - 17:00, by Marina Velikova (Former TNO employee; educator and founder of Creazzia)

Starting from our families and moving through schools, communities, and workplaces, we are constantly operating in social systems. How are we impacted by these systems? How to seek a harmonic relationship between ourselves and the system we are in? In this talk, Marina Velikova will share her insights and lessons learnt from her personal and professional journey as a first step to answer these questions and briefly discuss with the participants their experiences.

Seminar: Making healthy choices preferred

23 March 2021, presented by Prof. Dr, Liesbeth Zandstra (Wageningen University/Unilever)

Her main research focuses on scientific challenges to find new ways to make the healthy and sustainable choice the easy and preferred choice. She is particularly interested in psychophysiological and behavioral effects of foods as well as new methodologies for better understanding sensory perception and consumer behavior.

Kick-off event

25 February 2021, by Prof. Dr Jan van Erp and Prof Dr Peter Verkhoven


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