Structural Dynamics

As regards structural dynamics, we develop, analyse and test the most varied mechanical constructions on land and water (everything from ships via lock gates to bridges and even rockets). The focus here is on the dynamic behaviour of constructions. Having a well-equipped lab means that practical and theoretical knowledge go hand-in-hand and we are able to solve the most complex problems. We can also carry out tests on location.

Dynamic tests are carried out in-house. This is a picture of a frame for an Aria

We have been working for a long time on improving safety, reliability, performance and serviceability constructions for our customers. The great diversity of projects within structural dynamics means we can offer a suitable solution for the most complex construction problems. We are able, for example, to look at and test the shock and explosion resistance, ultimate strength, fatigue, noise emission and wind resistance of the most varied objects under typical or extreme conditions. Although these are often maritime, offshore or infrastructural constructions, we are also well equipped to carry out special projects. We often use our theoretical knowledge and models in combination with practical tests in our flexible laboratory or on location.

Our field of activity

We are active in the following fields:

  • Maritime and offshore
    Within the maritime sector, we are working on safer and more efficient ships and constructions. We can maximize a ship's chances of survival following a collision or offer support by showing that constructions comply with class rules. By combining (practical) measurements with lab experiments and simulations, we are able to optimize the safety and service life of maritime constructions.
  • Infrastructure and built environment
    The spearhead within infrastructure and built environment are vibrations and noise. We deliver advice and services enabling lighter construction without increasing vibration and noise pollution. We also deal with wind loads on building facades. Our team also has knowledge on the influence of vibrations caused by railway traffic.

Applications and impact

A fast-travelling aluminium ship. TNO is developping a new design methodology

In our lab we are able to place pre-determined loads on an object weighing from 1 kg to 10,000 kg. This is among other things important for determining the resistance of constructions to underwater explosions. An example is the shock tests carried out on antenna masts on frigates. TNO is working with various parties in the VOMAS project to develop a new design methodology and the necessary tools for fast-travelling aluminium ships. This new methodology will improve the dimensioning of ships leading to costs savings and a longer service life. We earned our spurs working on applications for construction acoustics outside beaten paths. For example, we achieved a high level of comfort in the innovative construction LaFenetrete in The Hague and in the container construction concept as applied in CitizenM hotels. The project De Lichte Bouwknoop enables us to give manufacturers the confidence and the tools to build light and nevertheless comfortable vessels. We are also international leaders in assessing and standardization of and the protection against low frequency noise.


Ballistics Course

Much can be done in the design of (military) ships, vehicles and aircraft to provide an adequate level of resilience against relevant threats. You can learn all about it in this ballistics course organised... Read more

Expertise groups

Dr Tom Basten

  • Structural Dynamics


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