Operations at sea

Now that offshore companies are digging deeper and offshore wind farms coast are getting bigger and bigger, TNO is working on more effective exploration at sea. TNO's technological and technical innovations are prominent, whether it concerns the optimisation of wind and tidal energy or the deepest deep-sea mining industry. Together with equipment suppliers and shipping companies, TNO is working on faster innovation that improves the use of resources at sea

Harsh conditions at sea along with technological limitations often prevent optimal generation of wind and tidal energy. TNO's innovations in corrosion prevention and equipment monitoring ensure that offshore wind farms and tidal power parks deliver optimal performance. Our sensor technology provides the onshore support team with the information that is essential for the careful monitoring of maintenance needs.

In the future, TNO's technology will even be equipped with predictive functionality to optimise insight into the maintenance needs in the longer term. Given the search for scarce, rare minerals and rising import costs, solutions must be found for mining and extraction within the deep-sea mining industry. TNO helps companies to dig deeper than ever before. In our testing facilities, equipment suppliers and shipping companies can test their equipment under harsh deep-sea conditions (up to 6 km) to determine the effects these have.

Major successes

TNO's knowledge, expertise and facilities deliver excellent results at sea. TNO is making an important contribution to the future of the maritime sector and the offshore industry by, among other things, providing sensors for the monitoring of wind turbines and making facilities available for the testing of equipment for deep-sea mining.

The ability of companies to monitor and adjust the performance of their wind and tidal power farms, or to drill at pressures of up to 600 bar, means that new successes can continue to be achieved at sea.

TNO is able to simulate marine conditions and develop effective strategies, and the entire industry is reaping the benefits. Together with equipment suppliers, offshore companies and shipping companies, we focus on current needs and anticipate future developments. Taking into account the unique conditions at sea and below the surface. TNO develops effective strategies that often produce surprising results.

Uncharted opportunities

Now that wind and tidal power farms are becoming increasingly large and numerous, and deep-sea mining is taking place at greater sea depths, companies need the knowledge, expertise and technology that only TNO can offer. Thanks to our independent status, in-depth knowledge of maritime conditions and facilities for testing and monitoring innovations, TNO is the ideal partner for maritime exploration.


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