Training and Performance Innovations

Training and Performance Innovations (TPI) is geared to improving human performance - individuals and teams - in complex and demanding environments.

We do this by:

  • strengthening the self-management capacity and (mental/physical) resilience of people;
  • creating new, well-founded (learning) solutions in which we combine didactic, technological and organisational innovations;
  • creating challenging, effective and efficient (virtual) training environments;
  • research into /consultancy on equipment and facilities to enable people to function in extreme circumstances.

Our expertise

Training and Performance Innovations is a department with a powerful mix of experts in the area of human modelling, training, education and learning behaviour, physical and mental resilience, and human-system integration. We have been combining these disciplines for many years to generate innovative solutions that help to improve human performance in very demanding and complex circumstances. We specialise in identifying the complete package of requirements posed to people by the environment, tasks and equipment. We translate this into balanced, integral solutions: innovative training concepts on the basis of serious gaming and simulations that boost the self-management capacity and resilience of people or enable safe, efficient exercises where this would otherwise be far too risky or expensive. The same areas of expertise mean that we can design and calculate equipment that help to optimise human performance.

Applications and impact

Training using sophisticated tools

Several examples of applications:

  • Supporting Defence in developing the improved soldier system;
  • Modelling the behaviour of a soldier during operational circumstances;
  • High Performance Empowerment, such as the development and implementation of mental resilience training for Defence and other uniformed professions;
  • Development of team training concepts for Defence;
  • Analysis of training need and advising of efficient learning solutions;
  • Use of serious games in the education and training for Defence and Mayors;
  • Innovative evacuation training for railway personnel;
  • Solutions for sustainable deployment through Learning Always and Everywhere concepts;
  • Measuring the quality of operation and the return on learning solutions in practice;
  • Use of fieldlabs to facilitate research close to and with end users.

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Our work

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Expertise groups


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