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Cyber Security Lab

The technical facilities in the Cyber Security Lab are made available to promising cyber security innovation projects. In the Cyber Security Lab we take up current challenges in cyber security using a combined approach that encompasses people, processes, organization and control. This is an experimental approach that will steadily mature during the coming years.

TNO creates innovations for a safe cyberspace. A cyberspace that is resilient and can survive disruptions and criminal attacks. A cyberspace that helps stimulate innovation and the economy while at the same time protecting the interests of national security. The TNO Cyber Security Lab in The Hague is a dedicated facility for innovative and experimental research with as goal a safe and resilient cyberspace. We collaborate in the Lab with partners in the 'golden triangle' of government, knowledge institutes and businesses.
The Cyber Security Lab in brief:

  • Work environment for projects
  • Demonstration and meeting point
  • Basic cyber facilities for projects

This is where everything comes together: existing and new technologies, behavioural change, big data, processes and procedures, human competences, technology, software and hardware. Only with an integrated, multidisciplinary approach can we really improve cyber security.

Virtual experiments created rapidly

The technical infrastructure in the lab includes separate network segments and servers, 'dirty' (unfiltered) internet traffic, systems for network traffic generation, Security Information & Event Management systems (SIEM) and systems that are sensitive to cyber-attacks and cyber criminality. This infrastructure allows us to create virtual IT environments rapidly, where we experiment with the effects of malware on various systems.

HSD Cyber Security Innovation Cluster

We also use the Cyber Security Lab for our work as part of The Hague Security Delta (HSD), a cyber security innovation cluster. TNO is one of the founding fathers and an active partner in HSD. This is a growing network of businesses, government bodies and knowledge institutes in the security sector, focusing on innovative security solutions and economic development. TNO is the driving force behind the cyber security and urban safety clusters. TNO has made the Cyber Security Lab available for HSD research in order to stimulate cooperation and facilitate a multidisciplinary and integrated approach.


Patrick de Graaf LL.M.

  • Cyber Operations
  • Hybrid Strategies

70 years of Defence Research


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