Ammunition Safety

Over 40 years of experience with the development and testing of a wide range of weapon systems, ammunition and other energetic and pyrotechnic devices. That is what renders TNO excellently suited for its role as a strategic partner to Defence and Defence industry.

TNO is assisting ammunition safety stakeholders in achieving the required level of ammunition safety to result in an as safe as reasonably affordable environment for now and in the future. We believe that an integral approach in ammunition safety throughout its life cycle is beneficial for stakeholders enabling a reduction in safety related costs. E.g. implementing IM will not only result in safer end-use of ammunition, but also will lead to smaller safety distances in relation to storage which results in a cost reduction for storage. R&D activities focusing on ammunition safety makes the safe use of weapon and munition systems, including missiles, possible. These R&D activities include:

  • Qualification of Energetic Materials
  • Insensitive Munitions (IM)
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Environmental impact
  • Explosives Safety
  • Demilitarization
  • Unexploded Ordnance (UXO's)

Logistical safety aspects

For each of the core areas the research covers different levels of ammunition safety, ranging from safety of the energetic material itself to a safety, which is related to the article within the weapon system. Further, also logistical (storage, transport and transfer of stacks of ammunition) safety aspects are covered. TNO has experts with long-time experience in:

  • Risk analysis in relation to accidents with ammunition
  • Characterization of energetic materials, including the influence of ageing effects
  • Impact on the environment including, people, flora and fauna
  • Sensitivity of ammunition

Our mission is guided by the changing world of expeditionary missions which requires a new approach in ammunition safety. TNO is providing support to the Ministry of Defense, industry and foreign governments to adapt to today's changing world.

Protection, Munitions & Weapons

Peter Hooijmeijer MSc

  • Ammunition Safety

70 years of Defence Research


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