Protection and survivability of infrastructure

Our society is based on infrastructure, including buildings and industrial complexes, tunnels, harbours and pipelines. This infrastructure is extremely vulnerable to the effects of an explosion, regardless whether originating from an accident or from a possible terrorist bomb attack. A military base designed to support military operations has the important function to give adequate protection to forces during times of threat.

TNO supports the Netherlands Ministry of Defence in setting up technical and functional requirements for protective base structures. With our state-of-the-art knowledge on (a)symmetric threats and the way the resulting physical effects interact with constructions we support industries in developing these kind of protective structures. We are able to advise on adequate countermeasures to enhance the protection and survivability of critical infrastructure and their related occupants.

TNO is actively involved in consortia working in EC FP7 and H2020 project that focus on improvement of the protection and survivability of critical infrastructure against all kind of hazards including impact and explosion scenarios. Examples of projects include ELASSTIC, SPIRIT and HYPERION.

We combine our test & evaluation capabilities with know-how on numerical simulations and theoretical expertise to obtain full understanding of the consequences of threats for structures and related occupants. With in-house developed software we are able to compare the consequences of threat scenarios and to advise authorities and industries on how to improve the safety and security of critical infrastructure.

We invent innovative protective solutions like the anti-RPG net and light weight transparent armour that can be integrated in protective structures. TNO is blast consultant for the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding protecion of embassies. TNO also supported the Netherlands Ministry of Defence in developing the NATO STANAG-2280 that standardizes threat levels and hand-over/take-over procedures for temporary protective structures. We can perform full-scale testing and evaluation in relation to all threats defined in STANAG-2280 and other international standards. Our blast test team has multi-channel measurement equipment available to quantify and analyze blast and fragment loading and structural response.


Protection, Munitions & Weapons

Philip van Dongen BSc

70 years of Defence Research


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