Protection and survivability of vehicles

It is hardly possible to make tomorrow's tanks and armoured vehicles heavier still. And that is because in the future these will - increasingly often - have to be deployed worldwide, meaning that they will have to be carried by transport aircraft. We therefore perceive a clear trend towards lighter vehicles, armoured and protected in a more intelligent way than before. For instance, by using Explosive Reactive Armour or Defence Aid Suites.

Furthermore, the next generation of armoured vehicles will have to deal with ever more lethal and precise weapons utilized against them. In any case, vehicles must never fall victim to a so-called cheap kill: irrepairable damage or casualties caused by relatively small or cheap weapons. TNO has much in-house expertise to enhance vehicle survivability. To achieve this, the relevant threats and weak spots of a vehicle are modelled and analysed, followed by expert advice, e.g. about ballistic protection, reducing fluid flammability or the adding of active protection.

Protection, Munitions & Weapons

Ir. Rogier Kalkhoven


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