Energy Efficiency

ECN part of TNO plays a prominent role in the development of sustainable technologies and knowledge in energy efficiency for the energy intensive industry.

In view of recent agreements in the climate treaties and the European Energy Efficiency Directive, which aims to achieve 20% energy savings in Europe by 2020, the target for the Netherlands is a cumulative energy saving in final consumption of 480 PJ in the period 2014-2020.

In order to meet these objectives, innovations in energy efficiency are necessary. ECN part of TNO develops knowledge and technology for energy-efficient innovations in industrial processes.

Research programme

The ECN part of TNO SPT expertise group focuses on heat and process technology whereby attention is geared to: 

  • Reuse, transport and storage of residual heat
  • Membrane separations for liquids and gases
  • Sorption techniques for liquid and gas separation
  • Treatment and upgrading of gases
  • Intensification of production processes for (bulk) chemicals
  • Use of residual flows such as CO2 as a raw material for chemicals
  • Production of hydrogen for different applications

For the implementation of these solutions, ECN part of TNO works together with suppliers of raw materials, contractors, engineering firms, machine builders, installation companies and a range of large end users.

Solutions from ECN part of TNO

ECN part of TNO focuses on technological innovation to reduce the total energy consumption in your business process, leading to a more sustainable process, lower energy consumption and lower operational costs. ECN part of TNO does this in various ways, such as: 

  • More efficient use of energy
  • More efficient use of raw materials
  • Development of more efficient separation methods
  • Reduction of unwanted by-products
  • Improvement of product yield and quality
  • Transition to sustainable products
  • Screening of different components

More about this work can be found in the following program lines

Biomass & Energy Efficiency


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