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Customized module technologies for thin-film PV

Advanced customized module technologies for thin-film PV are innovated for packaging and interconnecting customized thin-film application. It is a part of the Solliance Shared Research Program for Innovative Module Technology.

Customizable back-end interconnect

New integrated solar systems, used for example for vehicle integration, can have non-regular dimensions and be curved to fit the surface of the application this solar system is integrated in. This requires new designs and technology to fit the electrical design of the solar module to the product. Currently, thin-film solar cells in a module are typically long straight strips, but new shapes may demand curved, round, or odd-shaped cell design. To accommodate this requirement, we want to demonstrate a fully digital back-end interconnect process for CIGS and Perovskite-based solar cells in the coming years. This enables the production of solar modules in any shape, form and output required; flexible and rigid modules based on CIGS or perovskite technology.

Protection for life

Another step towards low-cost integration of custom thin-film modules is the development of a reliable, low-cost barrier and packaging. The product lifetime of a solar module is a critical factor in the cost of electricity production. For rigid applications, glass is the perfect packaging material, but since it is rigid and fragile it is not suitable for the flexible performances of thin-film PV. By researching cost-effective packaging materials and application processes for light-weight and flexible applications, we create technologies for the envisioned customized application of thin-film in vehicles, infrastructure and buildings.

Solliance Solar Research

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Our work


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Our work

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Our work

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Hans Linden, BSc

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