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Risk management with ERIS

Food and feed manufacturers want to be ready for potential risks. To this end TNO has developed Emerging Risk Identification Support (ERIS) to help  companies view emerging and unexpected risks. The system provides practical and practicable results, based on scientific knowledge so that companies can take action promptly. Currently, TNO is working on extending ERIS to the aspects of fraud and misuse.

TNO is a world leader in this form of risk management. Marcel van Zandvoort, Business Developer at TNO: “That is apparent from the fact that the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) scanned the world for risk management expertise and arrived at TNO’s door.”

Scientific and practical

Google allows you to search for specific products and hazards but you end up with an enormous number of hits. ERIS combines search words and ontologies to provide an overview of many products and the potential hazards. But because we look further than the ‘usual suspects’, we quickly find relevant information about potential risks. Our experts can also ascertain the value of these risks if required – in consultation with the customer – whereby scientifically founded, practicable results are quickly reached.

Insight into risks

ERIS offers companies an overview and further insight into risks through an interactive dashboard system. An added benefit of this method is that a ‘corporate memory’ is created that puts the knowledge in a system rather than in people. Currently, a wide range of food companies and authorities use ERIS. The current extension of ERIS into fraud and misuse opens further opportunities for retail companies to utilize the system as many work with their own brand products and they will want to know what the potential risks may be.


Drs. Marcel van Zandvoort

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  • food safety
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