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Safe working

How can we reduce the number of occupational accidents and create a working culture in which safety and health are key values? At TNO we help industry and government to answer that question. In co-creation we develop instruments to measure safety along with evidence-based interventions that reduce the number of incidents and accidents during work.

Dolf van der Beek, researcher and advisor for Work Safety: “The safety performance of a company depends on three factors: people, organisation and technology. If these are aligned, operational processes can be optimised and enable more secure operations.”


Safety@Corebusiness is our method for companies and intermediary organisations that want to measure, monitor and manage safety performance. By presenting questionnaires to their employees, companies can ascertain how they perform in terms of safety. At TNO we link this information to outcome indicators like incidents, accidents and absence from work, which enables us to establish the key factors for safety.

Emerging risks

For the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment we are investigating new safety risks related to the digitisation of the workplace, such as the cybersecurity risks of work resources connected to internet, the risks of robotisation and of mobile applications. Literature studies, interviews with experts and workshops help us to identify the risks and the control measures. For each topic we publish a final report with a knowledge map.


SafeSmart™ is a model that identifies and models the risk factors for a specific scenario to enable companies to take more effective control measures. We developed this model for a safety scenario in ports: overfilling a storage tank. In the future we can develop SafeSmart for all kinds of safety scenarios. In order to test the model extensively, we gather as much data as possible from industry. If you would like to participate, contact us.

Operational resilience strengthen with serious game

TORC stands for Training Operational Resilience Capabilities and is a Safera project which started end of 2014, resulting in a serious game.

The TORC game is aimed to train both operational staff and their management to strengthen the operational resilience in changing working conditions. The game is played on the basis of company-specific case studies and was developed in collaboration with companies in the railway sector (civil and high-speed line) and the onshore and offshore oil & gas. For other sectors the game can be delevoped and played based on company-specific case studies. More information about the TORC project can be found here.


We are keen to work not only with companies that want to identify and improve their safety but also with strategic partners for implementation and parties the supply technology for our innovations. We are keen to discuss the possibilities, so please contact us.

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Healthy, safe and productive working

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