Nano Instrumentation for Ultra-Clean Lithography

Demanding environments, like semiconductor manufacturing, require ultra-clean processes, equipment and materials. And ultra-clean equipment plays a major role in a manufacturer’s ability to achieve high yields. TNO explores the methods and materials that create value. We help to develop equipment that lasts longer and performs better. As chips become smaller, less expensive and more powerful, TNO designs the tools that can keep the pace.

Ultra-clean lithography expertise

When tech leaders like ASML and Carl Zeiss encounter critical contamination issues, they turn to TNO for support. Our 40 highly qualified Nano Instrumentation technologists develop and assemble experimental set-ups that address the challenge. TNO may fully own and develop the set-ups, develop them together with our clients, or pass full ownership on to them.

TNO aims to prevent, diagnose and remediate critical issues. From analysis to solution, we apply the principles of contamination control to design, build and validate ultra-clean equipment for lithography. We continue to grow our extensive knowledge of molecular and particle contamination, vacuum technology and high-energy radiation, while governing and applying it for our clients.

In-depth knowledge of EUV

At TNO, we use our knowledge of particle generation and contamination dynamics to conduct research into EUV lithography-related processes and conditions. Our expertise in surface physics and physical chemistry are applied in everything we do. That’s why we have been able to accelerate developments in all aspects of EUV, examples of our capabilities:

  • helium ion metrology for resist characterisation
  • metrology sensors for molecular contamination
  • a contamination-independent EUV power sensor
  • several vacuum vessels and setups
  • Insync tool for loading and unloading EUV reticles into the MaskTrack Pro mask cleaner
  • RapidNano (RN3 and RN4) for fast inspection of EUV blanks, detecting a single particle of some tens of nanometres on a 142 x 142 mm area
  • EUV Beam Lines (EBL1 and EBL2) for optics life time research, enabling research about EUV radiation effects

The team you need for the challenges you face

From expanding the lifetime of optics and collectors to solving contamination issues to ensuring particle cleanliness, TNO has the experts you need to advance your development and the lifetime of your equipment. That’s why leaders like ASML, Carl Zeiss call on TNO when challenges arise.nterested in learning how TNO can accelerate your lithography ambitions? Want to get the most out of your EUV endeavours? Contact us today, and we’ll put our expertise to work for you.

Expertise groups


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