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Rapid Manufacturing Demo Centre

Rapid Manufacturing (RM) techniques now make it possible to produce a series of quality high-tech complex end products, which is beneficial in terms of speed, cost price, product variation and flexibility. It is essential that the development and production processes are coherently linked. The Rapid Manufacturing Demo Centre facilitates companies in doing this.

In Rapid Prototyping (RP) products are constructed layer by layer. As opposed to the more conventional technologies such as turning and milling, RP enables the manufacture of products with complex geometries. And since the product is made without the intervention of tools, such expensive equipment is unnecessary, saving both time and money. RP has so far been used mainly by industry to make a 'basic model'; series manufacture of functional products has had to wait given the limitations in processes, materials and finishing of the product. However, there has been enormous progress in recent years. We see a shift from RP to Rapid Manufacturing (RM) for the fast, series production of functional end products. The advantages are clear: no tool costs, very short time-to-market, quick implementation of any product modifications, no or low stock costs and a low cost price for the end product.

Advantages of RM

RM offers production technology a number of advantages over more traditional technologies:

  • Minimum work preparation
  • Cost efficiency
  • No tools
  • Complex product geometry
  • Function integration
  • Good product properties
  • Short time-to-market

Rapid Manufacturing Demo Centre

TNO has clustered its RM knowledge and experience into the Rapid Manufacturing Demo Centre, supporting companies to apply this successfully. By merging together our knowledge of the entire development and production process with knowledge of known RM techniques, the best option can be selected for particular application.

The Rapid Manufacturing Demo Centre:

  • is an independent spider in the web of service agencies and research institutions;
  • is knowledgeable about every RM technology worldwide;
  • knows which products can be made using RM;
  • knows the most suitable process for each application:
  • has comprehensive knowledge of the (re)design of products for RM;
  • supervises companies to implement RM processes in the organisation;
  • reduces the entrepreneurial risk of starting RM;
  • has several RM technologies in house;
  • advises in the purchase and assists in the implementation of an RM machine in a production environment;
  • offers continuity.

The Rapid Manufacturing Demo Centre of TNO bridges the gap between technology and marketplace for businesses.


Pieter Debrauwer


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