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Earth Observation is the use of satellite instruments to image our planet. TNO has a long legacy in developing instruments that monitor our planet’s atmosphere and allow us to mitigate the harmful impact of greenhouse gases and air pollution. In addition to this, we work on systems that monitor land and water and the calibration of a wider range of optical satellite instruments.

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With a flight heritage of more than 35 years, TNO has a proven track record in building space instruments and components for ESA and NASA missions, and delivering breakthrough technologies and components that include spectrometers for earth observation. Dozens of satellites are equipped with systems that have been designed, built and tested by TNO. Our climatological models, which combine ground-based and space measurements, are used on a daily basis by the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute and the Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service (CAMS). Through these activities, TNO helps to improve the quality of life on earth.


Copernicus Sentinel 5P – TROPOMI integration at TNO

TNO develops optical instruments for earth observation that provide global, independent measurements of air quality and greenhouse gases. Over the past 20 years, we have developed and realised optical systems that lie at the heart of well-known instruments used by international space agencies, such as GOME (ESA), SCIAMACHY (ESA/ ENVISAT) and OMI (NASA Aura). The most recent example of this is TROPOMI (NSO/ ESA). This instrument became operational in 2017 and provides daily global measurements at a unique, high spatial resolution of 3.5 x 5 km2. TNO is currently involved in the development of the ESA/EC Sentinel 5. Utilising data from instruments such as TROPOMI, policymakers and industry can be provided with actionable information on emission reductions. In addition to this, TNO utilises its strong experience and technological position to design earth observation instruments and systems for monitoring water and land. A recent trend in earth observation is the increasing use of miniaturised instruments on small satellites, for which TNO offers innovative solutions.


Vacuum Calibration Facility (VCF)

TNO provides world-class calibration technologies, ranging from on-board calibration hardware for space instruments to the on-ground calibration of components (MERIS diffusers) or complete instruments (SCIAMACHY, OMI, GOME-2). We own unique facilities for calibration, such as the Absolute Radiometric Calibration Facility (ARCF) for diffuser measurements, the Vacuum Calibration Facility (VCF) and the soon-to-be-opened Calibration of Space Instruments (CSI) facility with two dedicated Thermal Vacuum Chambers.

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Satellite Data Utilisation

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Space instrument calibration

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