Sharing data offers companies enormous opportunities. TNO helps parties in various sectors to use each other's data in an efficient and secure manner. By combining and enriching available data, the chain works more efficiently and participating parties save a lot of money. In addition to optimising the chain, TNO sees great opportunities in a chain-transcending approach. Such an integrated approach to data sharing accelerates innovations in and between existing sectors and delivers new hybrid solutions. In doing this, we combine knowledge of technology, security, privacy and legislation.  

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Self Sovereign Identity SSI


In the Smart Dairy Farming project dairy farmers, cooperatives, suppliers and sector organisations in the agricultural sector share data. In just a few years, a small-scale trial has grown into an innovative cooperative: JoinData. Sensors provide real-time information about the physical condition of the cow. This data is then used by specialist advisors to help farmers make better choices about health, fertility and nutrition. TNO brings parties together, develops the architecture on the basis of desired data ownership, brings in knowledge about sensors and models, makes the added value clear and ensures that even competing parties join forces. 

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Multi-Party Computation MPC

Multi-party computation

Technologies such as blockchain, of which TNO has in-depth knowledge, enable numerous chains to be optimised. Think of supply chains in the industry where we help manufacturers, suppliers and other parties involved to share data responsibly and transparently. With blockchain technology we can also make processes and products in chains transparent. In the food industry, every product can be traced back because all the steps from grower or manufacturer to end user are recorded in the blockchain. The core of this method is to record and trace all transactions without providing confidential data within the chain.

In the employment agency sector TNO is working on the unambiguous exchange of information for time sheets. By standardising this, not only do employment agencies save costs but so do the companies where the temporary employees work. 

TNO is working on so-called interoperable data solutions, in which different parties bring their data together in a platform without disclosing confidential information to each other. In many cases there is no need for information to be provided, but verification of its accuracy is sufficient. We use innovative and secure techniques for 'secure multi-party computation' that allow different parties to calculate data together without being able to see each other's data. This paves the way for many new products and services that fully comply with strict privacy legislation. 

Quality and transparency are essential when sharing data. Where appropriate, the parties involved must be able to find out exactly who has processed and delivered which data, when, using which algorithms and for what purpose. TNO uses innovative and scalable techniques to monitor and influence the delivered quality, traceability and repeatability of each data service.

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