Efficiency, effectiveness, quality and the costs of systems

TNO develops designs for complex ICT systems. These include embedded systems that form a link between the physical and virtual worlds. The optimum functioning of extensive systems, all of which need to talk to each other, is a huge challenge for ICT. TNO is helping to address this challenge with solutions for performance, quality and reliability. We develop tools, methodologies and models that enable suppliers of systems to optimize their products for their entire lifetime right from the design stage.


Can a DDoS attack be predicted?

23 February 2021
In the forecasting of tsunamis, buoys with sensors lie in the ocean, waiting for anomalous behaviour of the waves. The satellite to which the sensors are connected sends the signal to the weather station,... Read more

TNO joins Ploutos on the mission to make the agrifood system more sustainable 

10 December 2020
The H2020 Ploutos project will affirm TNO’s position as an integrated expert and orchestrator in the international agrifood sector. “Integrated” points to TNO’s unique position to address the fundamental... Read more

Consortium targets automatic prevention of cyber attacks

28 September 2020
The Automated Security Operations (ASOP) consortium launched in September 2020 with the support of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (EZK). Over the next 3 years, the consortium will... Read more



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