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TNO is the largest Research & Technology Organization (RTO) in the Netherlands and one of the largest in Europe. We connect people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the sustainable competitive strength of industry and the well-being of society. We work for a wide variety of customers: governments, the SME’s, large companies, service providers and NGOs.

In line with TNO’s mission to strengthen the innovative power of industry, the majority of our inventions are available to third parties. TNO owns almost 900 patents at this moment to ensure adequate protection of its technology. In order to valorize these technologies, TNO has created the Technology Transfer Program.



The ambition of TNO’s recently launched Technology Transfer Program is to bring more innovations faster to the market. 20 teams on average are participating in the two phased program to validate the technology and market. The Technology Transfer Program focuses on the pre-seed phase in which an inhouse technology is being prepared for the creation of a new venture or a licensing deal to an existing company.

The pre-seed phase involves preparatory activities such as doing market research, constructing a business plan and making agreements between the future spin-off, TNO and other stakeholders. The Technology Transfer Office guides these spin-offs along the route to ensure a successful market launch.



After successfully completing the Technology Transfer Program, TNO spin-offs have a validated value proposition and a business plan. This includes a committed team and state-of-the-art technology protected with IP rights. TNO spin-offs are often looking for external investors and strategic partners who can help build the new venture and launch its first products.

The Technology Transfer Program is making TNO’s proven and protected technology accessible to investors. TNO as a strategic partner can supply a continuous and reliable deal flow with propositions for your pipeline. Hence, you as an investor or strategic partner can gain a competitive edge in an ever-changing market.


Do not miss the new propositions of the Tech Transfer Office and sign up for our update. The Tech Transfer Update will appear 4 times a year.


For more information about TNO’s mission, strategy and research we refer you to this TNO page.

Tech Transfer

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