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Energy supply in 2050: two scenarios, one conclusion

22 May 2020
What is the best and cheapest route to achieve the climate goals for 2050? TNO outlines 2 remarkable... Read more
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The economy after the corona vaccine: how the Netherlands can innovate its way out of the crisis

11 May 2020
Innovating the Netherlands out of the crisis, it’s possible! Read more in our position paper Read more
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Models optimise the lifespan of offshore wind turbines

4 May 2020
What are the effects of fatigue and corrosion on offshore wind turbines? TNO is developing lifespan models... Read more

The first European online quantum computer platform

4 May 2020
QuTech (TNO/TU Delft) recently launched Quantum Inspire, the first European online quantum computer platform... Read more
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Microplastics: what do we know about the health risks?

21 April 2020
How many plastic particles are floating in the air and how harmful are they? TNO is searching for the... Read more
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Subsidence: a slow-motion problem

20 April 2020
The Netherlands is subsiding faster than rising sea levels. What's causing the subsidence and what can... Read more

Brains4corona: fighting the corona crisis by innovation

14 April 2020
The special Brains4corona-team is helping fight the corona crisis Read more
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Excellent research: the risks of extreme heat and cold

11 March 2020
Boris Kingma is TNO’s Young Excellent Researcher of 2019. He investigates the risks of extreme heat... Read more
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Wood construction is not only circular, but faster too

27 February 2020
Wooden construction not only contributes to the circular economy but is also a very fast construction... Read more

Secure data sharing in healthcare with complete privacy

14 February 2020
Digital healthcare seems full of promise. Like a coaching app developed by a hospital and that uniquely... Read more


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