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How can we make the process of developing medications faster, safer, and less costly?

19 October 2020
We're working on innovations to develop personalised drugs faster, safer and cost effectively Read more
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Extended reality: the successor to Zoom and Teams

8 October 2020
Thanks to COVID-19, we have very quickly got used to meetings via Zoom, Teams, or Skype. However, in... Read more
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CILOLAB shows what can be achieved with zero emissions

8 October 2020
Efficient and zero-emission alternatives for freight transport in towns and cities. These are the objectives... Read more
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Pyrolysis: recycling mattresses at molecular level

16 September 2020
Are there better ways of recycling old mattresses? TNO is investigating whether pyrolysis could be the... Read more
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Two highly promising methods for recycling plastic packaging

1 September 2020
How can you recycle multi-layered plastic made of different types of plastic? TNO has been investigating... Read more
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New generation of wind turbines: big, bigger, biggest

24 August 2020
A huge technological challenge: in STRETCH TNO works on turbine blades that are even longer than Haliade-X... Read more
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CO2 from waste incineration into useful product

10 August 2020
Together with TNO, Twence is making progress to produce useful products of captured CO2 Read more
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From earthquake model to predictive model for IC admissions

31 July 2020
Predict the number of corona IC shots? The SEIR model uses models for earthquakes Read more
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Privacy-friendly data technology expands oncology research opportunities

30 July 2020
Privacy-friendly data helps oncology research opportunities to give insights about more successful treatment.... Read more
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Reliable and affordable energy supply in 2050: TNO answers questions

27 July 2020
A reliable and affordable energy supply in 2050: what will it entail? A TNO energy expert answers questions.... Read more


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